MALE voices

Whether it's a high-energy hard sell or a friendly conversational read, you'll find the exact male talent you're looking for. Whatever your project, these are the pros that'll get it done the way you want. If it's a character voice you need, let us do some FREE auditions to see if we can nail it. Most of these guys are close to the mic and can turn your project around today, many in about an hour!

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why ez voices?

    ◻️ First revision is always free
    ◻️ 100 voices in rotation at all times
    ◻️ No listening fees
    ◻️ No 15 week renewal cycles
    ◻️ Free auditions

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additional services

    ◻️ Jingles
    ◻️ Custom music
    ◻️ Copywriting
    ◻️ Full production