Don’t tell them I told you this, but 2 of our copywriters have close to 30 years of experience writing copy EACH! (they don’t look a day over 35 either!) Seriously, we have a roster of copywriters that we will assign your project to based on your target demographic.

If you’re in need of copy, just send us an email!

Custom Music

No Pre-Produced elevator music here. we will take you though every creative step from concept to product. Country, Rock, Pop, Urban, Gospel, Jazz, or Latin… our session musicians are all pros with more than 20 years of performing on their resume.

Our Music Director has produced an entire catalog of available royalty free music tracks, and if we don’t’have exactly what you are looking for, we will write and produce your music… CUSTOM!

If you’re in need of music, just send us an email!


Does this ring a bell? “It’s the Real Thing” (Coke) how about “I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Wiener” (Oscar Meyer) and don’t forget “M’m, M’m good (Campbell’s Soup). While these jingles haven’t been broadcast in decades, jingles are an enormously popular marketing and branding tool. They have also been stuck in our brains for years! Why? Because they work! NOTHING works better than a well written and well produced Jingle for name awareness and recognition.

The process is EZ. One of our Jingle Producers will spend a few minutes with you over the phone to get the information for your Jingle Campaign. We will ask some intricate questions about your business. This will begin lyric creation and determining a USP (unique selling position). We clearly define the timeline for turn around (usually within a week). High expectations for communication are set in order for all involved to remain clearly focused on the goals.


The producer writes the lyrics and USP. The “rough-draft” jingle will be produced. Adjustments should be made at this time


Make sure all adjustments have been made, for once the jingles are approved, only minor words changes may occur.

Jingle Production

The producer takes the approved jingle and adds all the bells and whistles, mixes, and masters the production.

Project Sent

Final cuts will be sent via MP3 (attached to an email), delivered on CD in person or by mail. In generating thoughts on your campaign, listen to it about 10 times. The total production time will be no longer than 14 days. Maybe one day we’ll be singing along to your Jingle like “bah-dah-bah-bah-bah ” (McDonalds)!

If you’re in need of a jingle, just send us an email!

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